Meet Your Trainers / Educators

Omari Bernard

Omari Bernard is a Certified Exercise Physiologist specializing in corrective exercise and postural alignment. He is also an Integrative Life Coach where he is equipped to helping people overcome their challenges and create lasting changes in all areas of life. With over 20 years of experience, he’s been able to work with a list of clients ranging from physical and intellectual disabled patients to celebrities and Olympic athletes, all whom share the common goal of improving mobility and creating stability physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Terry Barga

Terry Barga Is a Certified Master Trainer & Nutrition Specialist. He has been a trainer for 16 years owning gyms across the Middle Tennessee area. Specialities include, HIIT training, corrective movement, mobility, strength & conditioning and yoga. Terry has spent time training celebrities, pro athletes with high performance needs giving him the ability to help you achieve any goal you may have. Husband of 20 years, father of 4 and a book author with a lot of energy and experience to make this retreat a special experience for everyone involved.

Carissa Barga

Carrie is a mother of 4 and wife Terry she has worked alongside him with clients for over 15 years teaching nutrition tricks and hacks. She has taught numerous cooking classes for hundreds of clients.  She loves taking the preconceived notion that meals have to be a lot of work and shows you that you can go back to the basics and make delicious and nutritious foods with only a few ingredients and little time.  She makes the complex simple.